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What to do when something gets into your eyes

So something, an object, insect, or substance has gotten into your eye and you are feeling very uncomfortable and irritable.

Your eyes cannot stay open without causing you added discomfort. What can you do?

The following tips should help.
1. Do not panic.
2. Look for the nearest source of clean sterile water.
3. Irrigate the eye by running water at the eye for a minimum of 15 minutes: this is best done by bending over.

4. Never try to ‘neutralise’ what entered the eye with another, for example, adding a basic substance when an acid enters your eye. Your eye is not a chemistry laboratory.
5. Do not scratch or rub the eye as this would spread the substance/foreign body and do more damage.
6. Contact your doctor immediately.

Since prevention is better and cheaper than cure, iCare Clinics advocates protecting your eyes from occupational and environmental hazards.

– Dr Musa Mutali

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