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Spotting Eye Problems In Children

Children may not be able to communicate when something abnormal is happening to their eyes/vision because they cannot really tell what normal is.

Parents/Guardians and Teachers should be able to spot eye problems in Children and refer them promptly, for professional care.

Here are some signs that a child may have vision problems:

  • white pupil instead of a black pupil
  • redness of the eyes
  • tearing of the eyes
  • discharging eyes
  • constant rubbing of the eyes
  • abnormal alignment of the eyes
  • abnormal movement of the eyes
  • extreme light sensitivity
  • poor focusing
  • poor visual tracking (following an object)

And in school-age children one can look out for the following these signs:

  • squinting
  • difficulty reading
  • sitting too close to the TV
  • blurry vision at a distance
  • difficulty seeing the board in class

All these signs show your child/ward requires professional attention. Early detection results in better outcomes, so make an appointment with your eye doctor to get them to undergo a comprehensive eye examination.

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