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Caring for your Glasses

Your glasses are composed of your frames and your lenses.

Your frames are the metal or plastic (sometimes both) carriers of your lens prescription. While some are very strong and sturdy, others are designed to be light and fragile. Whatever make or form your frames are, it is quite important you take adequate care of them. And, it’s as really easy.

A. Accessorize: What’s a frame without its case and lens cleaning cloth? Ensure to obtain a case to keep your frame in, to prevent accidental drops and pressure on it.

B. Bring your frame to the clinic if you have any problems like missing screws, loose fitting, etc. We have got you covered with free after sales service on these items. Do not attempt to fix these on your own, you might damage your special frames.

C. Clean: Clean your frames with a soft cloth and a very mild detergent solution. Avoid using spirits or any other harsh chemicals to clean your frames.

D. Double Up: As the saying goes, “Two is always better than One”. Take advantage of iCare periodic offers and get yourself a new pair to complement your existing one.

You see, it’s as easy as A, B, C, D.

-Dr Musa Mutali

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